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1st Edition, 2017 978-984-9221-31-9 982 English Hardcover

Meet The Author

All the best ideology has been incorporated in The Sīrat (Life) of Prophet Moḥammad SW. So to get rid from worldly life and life after death, studying of his Sīrat is Compulsory. From ancient time it was tell that, there is scarcity of documentary Books on Sīrat in English. From that point of view, to meet this scarcity Professor Dr. A H M Mujtaba Hossain started to write this book in the year 2006 and completed the same in 2016. In the book, life style of our prophet has not only been brought up but also shown the situation prevailed all over the world during Prophet’s birth time have also been discussed in detail. This book is divided in to three parts. In first part it has been narrated the environment of that period, Second part Contents his life style and the third part Contents his Mu‘jiza (Miracle). So detail documentary discussion of our prophet has been reflected. As such without any question or doubt it can be stated that it is the full Sīrat Scripture of our of our prophet Moḥammad SW.


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