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Science of Da’wah

ফেব্রুয়ারী, ২০১৯ 978-984-8254-19-6 ১৩৩ ইংরেজি হার্ডকভার , ,

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To success in any mission by any organization the leader, manpower, the structure of that organization must have good match. However, most of the time mismatch is observed. The knowledge that we will gain through study of this book specially the importance of Da’wah, the science of Da’wah (wisdom, preaching and arguing technique), and lastly the benefit of Da’wah needs to be applied in our society. Da’wah work cannot be done alone or the right of Da’wah will not be fulfilled until unless all Muslims agree to work together using wisdom and by forming a smart Da’wah organization explained in this book.


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